Speaker: Charles Kendrick

Co-founder & CTO @IsomorphicHQ
Charles Kendrick is CTO and Chief Architect at Isomorphic Software, which he co-founded in 2000 to pursue more powerful and flexible ways of building software via DHTML — today’s AJAX. In line with his mantra “if it’s worthwhile doing, do it right, do it well, and do it first”, his pioneering work has delivered many successes. To name but a few, Charles delivered the first ever Rich Internet Application (RIA); the first ever OLAP data cube interface in a browser based on AJAX RIA technology; and was the first to allow visual application building inside the browser. Charles is the creator of the SmartClient platform - technology that powers many of the world’s most sophisticated AJAX RIAs and is relied on in critical, high volume systems throughout the Fortune 500.

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Talk: Automatically Adapting UI from Desktop to Mobile


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