Speaker: Nikhil Garg

Engineering Manager @Quora
Nikhil Garg is an engineering manager at Quora where he is leading a team of great engineers working on Quora’s core product features and the quality of the user content. Before this, he has worked at Quora on all parts of the stack from webserver architecture to specific product features. He went to IIT Delhi to study computer science. Nikhil is very interested in distributed systems, product design and user experience, different programming paradigms, and machine learning. When he is not thinking about technology, he is thinking about organization, creating the best culture for innovation, and setting up the right systems/processes. His ultimate passion is thinking about the future of technology, programming, and even our world and modeling everything in life as a large distributed system of independent agents following a system of incentives.

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Talk: Quora's Approach To Moving Fast Sustainably

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