QCon San Francisco 2022 is a wrap!

Thank you to the 1,000+ senior software engineers, software architects, and team leads who joined us at QCon San Francisco 2022. Take a look at the conference highlights. Catch up with the session videos you missed. See what people had to say on social about #QConSF. Over 120 software leaders driving innovation and change shared their practical insights and use cases to help attendees validate their technical roadmap. QCon San Francisco attendees told us how the event helped them find solutions to their challenges, adopt the right software innovations and practices, and reduce uncertainty on which technologies should be part of their roadmap. Join us at our next QCon San Francisco international software development conference (October 2-6, 2023). 

QCon San Francisco focused on emerging software trends and innovations

Technical talks from over 120 software domain experts focused on innovation and change. Talks focused on patterns & practices, not products and pitches.
Attendees learned implementable ideas they could apply after the event.

  • Green Tech
  • Rust
  • WASM
  • eBPF
  • Machine Learning @ Edge
  • Scalable Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure Unification
  • Cue Lang
Early Adopters
  • MLOps
  • Team Topologies
  • Staff+ Engineer Path
  • Service Meshes
  • Microfrontends
  • Multicloud Practices
  • Software Ethics
  • Feature Engineering
  • Mode Inference/Prediction
  • Observability Practices
  • Server-Driven Frontend
  • Decarbonizing the Grid
  • Operator Pattern forNon-Clustered Resources
  • Patterns & HeuristicsEnabling Fast Flow
  • Open Policy Agent
  • Java 17 (LTS)
  • Paved Road
Early Majority
  • DevSecOps
  • DevOps in Practice
  • Kubernetes Strategies
  • Observability / Telemetry
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Chaos Engineering
  • Operating Microservices
  • Data Engineering
  • GraphQL
  • Go Techniques & Patterns
  • DevEx
  • Reactive
  • Performance
  • Macroservices
  • Serverless: Orchestration &Choreography
  • Cloud Architectures
  • Patterns for Scale
  • IaC (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Polyglot Software Practices

Loved by senior software practitioners like you

Take a look at the event highlights and see what your peers had to say on social media about #QConSF.


QCon charges a premium price point, but I can’t remember the last conference I attended (of 100s) where every single talk was interesting and I learned something. #qconlondon

Donnie Berkholz


Feeling the #QConSan Francisco FOMO, even though I’m here. I’ve enjoyed every talk I’ve been to, but then I see the tweets from the concurrent talks I *wasn’t* in and start gnashing my teeth that I missed it. I guess that’s why recordings exist.

Holly Cummins


Brain: melted, thanks @qconlondon and all speakers for the amazing content. #QConSan Francisco

Stéphane Goetz


My timeline is filling up with brilliant ideas from big thinkers coming out of #QConSan Francisco

Julie Lerman


On my way to #Qconlondon, looking forward to a real in-person conference after two years #softwaredeveloper #agile #travel #londoncity #InfoQ

Ben Linders

2022 Tracks and Hosts

‘Architectures You Always Wondered About’, ‘Before & After: Hybrid Work Strategies’, ‘Staff-Plus Engineer Path’, ‘Modern APIs: Building and Evolving’, and ‘Practical Security’ were just some of the 15 editorial tracks at QCon San Francisco 2022.

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2022 Trending Technical Talks

Some of the top sessions from QCon San Francisco 2022 included 'What the Data Says: Emerging Technical Trends in Front-End and How They Affect You' by Laurie Voss, Data Analyst @Netlify, 'Adopting Continuous Deployment at Lyft' by Tom Wanielista, Senior Staff Software Engineer @Lyft, 'Dark Side of DevOps' by Mykyta Protsenko, Senior Software Engineer @Netflix, and 'Dark Energy, Dark Matter and the Microservices Patterns?!' by Chris Richardson, Creator of microservices.io, Java Champion, & Core Microservices Thoughtleader.

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2022 Keynotes

'Innovating for the Future You've Never Seen: Distributed Systems Architecture & the Grid' by Astrid Atkinson, CEO & co-founder @CamusEnergy, previously early leader in SRE @Google, 'Harnessing Technology for Good - Transformation and Social Impact' by Lisa Gelobter, CEO and Founder @tEQuitable, previously Chief Digital Service Officer @Ed.gov, Chief Digital Officer @BET.com, 'On Beyond Serverless: CALM Lessons and a New Stack for Programming the Cloud' by Joe Hellerstein, CS Professor @UCBerkeley, ACM Fellow...

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QCon San Francisco 2022 Impact

As software developers ourselves, we designed QCon San Francisco to be practical, actionable, and software-focused. The goal was to create an event where senior software engineers, architects, and team leads heard from software leaders pushing the boundaries.

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2022 Topics and Tracks

Behind every QCon is a Program Committee of senior software leaders who curate the essential topics you need to know about. A track is a peer-curated day of talks around important topics in software. Take a look at the QCon San Francisco 2022 topics and tracks.

  • Oct 24

    Architecting for Change at Scale

    Change is one of the few constants in technology, so the better we are at enabling change at scale, the more we can focus on serving the needs of our customers. Design systems which are easy to evolve to keep up with the needs of the business while minimizing your risk and technical debt.
    Haley Tucker

    Principal Software Engineer for Platform Engineering @Netflix

  • Oct 24

    "Before & After": Hybrid Work Strategies

    Hybrid work, 4-day workweeks, remote work, working from a remote island, returning to the office and how all of these impact development productivity and, ultimately, careers.
    James Stanier

    Director of Engineering @Shopify

  • Oct 24

    Building Modern Backends

    Polyglot, developer-focused track around Innovations building low-friction, performant backends powering software today.
    Todd Montgomery

    Ex Researcher @Nasa, Engineering Fellow @ Adaptive Financial Consulting and a High Performance Distributed Systems Whisperer

  • Oct 24

    Languages of Infra: Beyond YAML

    Managing/provisioning computer data centers through machine-readable definition files, rather than physical hardware configuration is just the start. Exploring: Cue, unification, OPA, Operator Pattern for Nonclustered Resources, Scalable Configuration Management.
    Carmen Andoh

    Hacker at @cue_lang, previously @google @golang @travisci

  • Oct 24


    Emerging engineering discipline combining ML, DevOps and Data Engineering, topics: feature engineering, model dev, lifecycle management. Model Inference/Prediction, observability).
    Hien Luu

    Sr. Engineering Manager @DoorDash & Author of Beginning Apache Spark 3, Speaker and Conference Committee Chair

  • Oct 25

    Optimizing Teams for Fast Flow

    Patterns and heuristics enabling fast flow and rapid evolution of modern software, including decision/sense making techniques, team dynamics, & technical practices.
    Courtney Kissler

    CTO @zulily

  • Oct 25

    "Just" Engineering Culture

    Learn practices around how organizations can be free to admit and learn from mistakes and then build more resilient systems as a result.
    Michelle Brush

    Engineering Director, SRE @Google, Previously Director of HealtheIntent Architecture @Cerner Corporation & Lead Engineer @Garmin, Author of "2 out of the 97 Things Every SRE Should Know"

  • Oct 25

    Modern APIs: Building and Evolving

    Exploring patterns & practices building APIs with GraphQL, Kubernetes, Service Meshes, & API Gateways.
    Thomas Betts

    Laureate Application Architect @Blackbaud, Lead Editor for Architecture & Design @InfoQ

  • Oct 25

    Green Tech

    Businesses from small startups to some of the largest companies are investing in green technologies and carbon neutral futures. Learn about how tech can help build a more sustainable future. Topics include: measuring carbon, decarbonizing products, & reducing climate impact through software.
    Adrian Cockcroft

    Former VP Amazon Sustainability Architecture @Amazon, previously @Netflix, founding member of eBay Research Labs, distinguished engineer @SunMicrosystems

  • Oct 25

    Operating Microservices: Patterns for Success

    Microservices solve numerous problems around cognitive load, velocity, isolation, and scalability -- if you do them right. Topics around: legacy integration, observability, reverting microservices, day 2 operations
    Wes Reisz

    Technical Principal @thoughtworks, Creator/Co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, & QCon SF 2023 PC Chair, Previously Platform Architect @VMware

  • Oct 26

    Architectures You've Always Wondered About

    Randy Shoup

    Consulting CTO (formerly @eBay, @Google, @Stitch Fix)

  • Oct 26

    Effective SRE

    Good SREs are pragmatic. They analyze, they use their big picture understanding of a service and how it fits into a wider system to come up with solutions that minimize impacts to others or provides positive impacts to others. These are their stories.
    Casey Rosenthal

    CEO, Co-Founder @verica_io

  • Oct 26

    Practical Security

    How security needs to change to prioritize DevEX while balancing security risk tolerance. Topics around scaling auth/authz architecture, privacy at scale, securing public API endpoints, securing the cloud, insider threats, & the cost of security.
    Julia Knecht

    Manager, Security Platforms Engineering @Netflix

  • Oct 26

    Rethinking Our Relationship with the Frontend

    Let's talk about the frontend, not with the tools we use but through the problems we're solving. re-usability, composition, abstraction, velocity, performance.
    Benjamin Dunphy

    Founder @EventLoop and Organizer @Reactathon

  • Oct 26

    Staff+ Engineer Path

    The skills, secrets and what to expect if you want to grow and be successful on the technical path.
    Fabiane Nardon

    Data Scientist, Java Champion & CTO @tail_oficia

Top Sessions at QCon San Francisco 2022

Top 5 best voted

Declarative Machine Learning: A Flexible, Modular and Scalable Approach for Building Production ML Models

Speaker image - Shreya Rajpal
Shreya Rajpal

Founder @Guardrails AI, Experienced ML Practitioner with a Decade of Experience in ML Research, Applications and Infrastructure

The Engineer/Manager Pendulum

Speaker image - Charity Majors
Charity Majors

CTO @Honeycombio, Previously engineer & manager @Facebook @Parse & @Linden Lab

Sprinkling eBPF Onto Your Observability

Speaker image - Frederic Branczyk
Frederic Branczyk

CEO & Founder @PolarSignalsIO, previously Senior Principal Engineer @Redhat

Top 5 most attended

Dark Energy, Dark Matter and the Microservices Patterns?!

Speaker image - Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson

Creator of microservices.io, Java Champion, & Core Microservices Thoughtleader

Adopting Continuous Deployment at Lyft

Speaker image - Tom Wanielista
Tom Wanielista

Senior Staff Software Engineer @Lyft

API Evolution Without Versioning

Speaker image - Brandon Byars
Brandon Byars

North America Head of Technology @thoughtworks

Dark Side of DevOps

Speaker image - Mykyta Protsenko
Mykyta Protsenko

Senior Software Engineer @Netflix

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