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What We Believe

QCon is dedicated to helping software developers who strive to bring innovation in their teams. Our commitment to empowering every software professional is reflected in our "We Care" philosophy. We designed QCon as a place where everyone feels safe to express themselves, learn, and succeed in adopting new technology and practices that create change and innovation.

 - Working as a Community

Working as a Community

While we are working towards creating more attention and awareness around diversity and inclusion, we are happy to see that we are not alone. Some of the partnerships we have had along the way who are actively engaging with and advancing diversity and inclusion in software development include, but are not restricted to: Women Who Code, Girl Develop IT SF, Women in Data, Black, Hire Tech Ladies.

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The QCon Code of Conduct

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The only way in which we can provide a safe and diverse learning space is by having and sometimes enforcing our code of conduct. The first sentence says it all "QCon is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion.”

We consider ourselves lucky that in over 10 years, we had to enforce it very few times. This is living proof of the fact that both our speakers and our attendees are prone to living in a diverse and inclusive conference landscape.

Our Staff is as Diverse as our attendees

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What are our speakers and attendees saying?

We are happy to hear how our small improvements brought about bigger changes for our attendees and speakers:

QCon is unlike any other tech conference I've attended. There are several tracks to choose from but not an overwhelming number of attendees, so it's easy to gain knowledge about a variety of topics, open your mind to new ideas, find inspiration to solve engineering challenges and chat with a lot of smart & thoughtful people. I was impressed by the conscious inclusion of many women and LGBTQ speakers—that meant a lot to me personally and made QCon even better by spotlighting a diverse range of perspectives.

Tyler Collins, Software Developer at the University of Kentucky (QCon New York attendee)

I'm really intrigued by the wide array of topics available and the focus on architecture and real-world implementations at companies of scale. I also admire the efforts toward diversity of gender and race among presenters.

Kelly Gajewski, Software Engineer II at ZEFR (QCon San Francisco attendee)

I was amazed at the diversity of speakers and the depth of knowledge of speakers and attendees. As a first time attendee, I was certainly overwhelmed by the amount of content. I would love to attend in the future.

Allison Letson, Consulting Software Engineer at HCA Healthcare (QCon San Francisco attendee)

I was very surprised to find that I enjoyed QCon, I never enjoy conferences. As a female engineer and introvert, I find them noisy and tiring and not usually that informative. You have really nailed it with QCon. It was informative, the breaks were frequent and of the right length for my brain to digest the information from the talks. You are openly supportive of women in Engineering. You have minorities right up there at the front giving inspiring keynote speeches. It was good, really good. Thanks.

Annette Tisdale, Technical Team Lead and Engineering Manager at BabyCenter LLC (QCon San Francisco attendee)

The amount of women as track hosts is amazing. Thank you so much for helping change the identity of the tech community.

Vinicius Gomes, Software Developer at ThoughtWorks (QCon New York speaker)

The "we care" philosophy is real. QCon is very well thought and planned, and it's clear that they try to improve the experience every year.

Flavia Paganelli, CTO and Founder at 30Mhz (QCon London speaker)

Blog Posts about QCon from our
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How to Run a Great Conference

Arguably, QCon is one of the best run conferences I have attended. It isn’t just the smooth administration, although that played an important part. Rooms were ready and prepared; audio-visual worked; sessions started on time and ended on time.

Security Transformation and The Three Faces of DevSecOps

One last word: QCon is one of my favorite conferences, and was a great home for such a track since its audience, for the most part, is senior enough to have deep conversations, and pragmatic enough to understand the world isn’t black and white and no solution is perfect. On top of that, the conference organizers run an amazing production, including the best collection of audience feedback I’ve seen.

My QConSF Adventure

I think overall that QConSF is a pretty chill conference, compared to the bigger ones. It’s basically the Fanime of developer conferences. Which is a great thing to be compared to! Fanime is basically a fan convention for the fans and by the fans. QConSF was made by developers for developers.

The “much betta” of doing conferences

Huge congrats to all the organizers, speakers, sponsors and volunteers. For now, I can say that this has been the most awesome conference I have ever got the chance to go to.

QCon London 2020

I just returned home from QCon in London. This was my first year in attendance and honestly, I did not know what to expect. I was excited about some talks and there were time slots where I did not know what to choose. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised. To summarize things, QCon London 2020 was a really good conference and I learned a lot of things.

Building high performing teams, resilient systems and micro-frontends, takeaways from QConLondon ‘20

This week I attended the software engineering conference QCon in London. Like last year, I noticed a further trend in moving away from more shiny tools! towards how to more effectively guide teams to deliver value (using whatever tools). Here are my main takeaways on the themes which resonated with me the most: building resilient systems for humans, building high performing teams and whether or not your frontends are safe from the microservices virus.

How can we improve your experience?

The driving force behind every QCon Conference is our passion to accelerate the software side of human progress. This comes to life at every QCon event, through our efforts as a diverse and inclusive team. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our diversity and inclusion activities please send us an email to

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