QCon San Francisco 2023 is a wrap!

Thank you to the 970+ senior software engineers, software architects, and team leads who joined us at QCon San Francisco 2023. Take a look at the conference highlights. Catch up with the session videos you missed. See what people had to say on social about #QConSF. Over 120 software leaders driving innovation and change shared their practical insights and use cases to help attendees validate their technical roadmap. QCon San Francisco attendees told us how the event helped them find solutions to their challenges, adopt the right software innovations and practices, and reduce uncertainty on which technologies should be part of their roadmap. Join us at our next QCon San Francisco international software development conference (November 18-22, 2024). 

QCon San Francisco focused on emerging software trends and innovations

Technical talks from over 120 software domain experts focused on innovation and change. Talks focused on patterns & practices, not products and pitches. Attendees learned implementable ideas they could apply after the event.

  • Green Tech
  • Rust
  • WASM
  • eBPF
  • Machine Learning @ Edge
  • Scalable Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure Unification
  • Cue Lang
Early Adopters
  • MLOps
  • Team Topologies
  • Staff+ Engineer Path
  • Service Meshes
  • Microfrontends
  • Multicloud Practices
  • Software Ethics
  • Feature Engineering
  • Mode Inference/Prediction
  • Observability Practices
  • Server-Driven Frontend
  • Decarbonizing the Grid
  • Operator Pattern forNon-Clustered Resources
  • Patterns & HeuristicsEnabling Fast Flow
  • Open Policy Agent
  • Java 17 (LTS)
  • Paved Road
Early Majority
  • DevSecOps
  • DevOps in Practice
  • Kubernetes Strategies
  • Observability / Telemetry
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Chaos Engineering
  • Operating Microservices
  • Data Engineering
  • GraphQL
  • Go Techniques & Patterns
  • DevEx
  • Reactive
  • Performance
  • Macroservices
  • Serverless: Orchestration &Choreography
  • Cloud Architectures
  • Patterns for Scale
  • IaC (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Polyglot Software Practices

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Take a look at the event highlights and see what your peers had to say on social media about #QConSF.


Engineering is about solving problems.. Sometimes we solve these problems by writing code 😀 .. Thank you @randyshoup for the beautiful workshop and energetic presentation and collaboration between the attendees. #QConSF #SoftwareEngineer #Coding



"This is a conference for software practitioners, by practitioners" Loving the #QConSF opening from @wesreisz and Pia. We're always open to feedback on the sessions, nd we have lightning talks and 1&1s this year!

Daniel Bryant


#QConSF learning mode ON

Gaston Milano Millan


#QConSF Attending the Interesting Track today Architectures You’ve Always Wonder About

SteefJan Wiggers 


Fascinating talk by @jorandirkgreef at @QConSF #QConSF 

It was like follow me if you can :) :)

Ben Linders


2023 Topics and Tracks

Behind every QCon is a Program Committee of senior software leaders who curate the essential topics you need to know about. A track is a peer-curated day of talks around important topics in software. Take a look at the QCon San Francisco 2023 topics and tracks.

  • Oct 02

    Architectures You've Always Wondered About

    The Architectures You've Always Wondered About track explores real-world examples of innovative companies pushing the limits with modern software systems. Speakers shares stories of how they have scaled their systems to handle massive amounts of traffic, data, and complexity in some of world's most recognized software shops.
    Wes Reisz

    Technical Principal @thoughtworks, Creator/Co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, & QCon SF 2023 PC Chair, Previously Platform Architect @VMware

  • Oct 02

    Modern Data Engineering & Architectures

    OLTP/OLAP DBs, caches, object stores, search engines, graph DBs, data streams, vector DBs, and the like represent the many forms data takes to be suitable to its many uses. Come learn about new technologies, practices, and trends shaping the way you will work with data.
    Sid Anand

    Chief Architect @Datazoom, Committer/PMC Apache Airflow, Previously: Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, Etsy, & PayPal

  • Oct 02

    Languages of Infra: Beyond YAML

    Provisioning infrastructure through machine readable configuration has been a key enabler of the cloud and the growth of automation. But to move away from manual and non repeatable work we have instead ended up with megabytes, sometimes gigabytes of YAML and similar languages, with a variety of templating and generation tools. A new generation of tools is moving away from this YAML sprawl towards code and other approaches. This track explores a variety of these approaches, with talks both from practitioners and from those who have brought new tools and processes into creation because they have a strong vision beyond the status quo.
    Justin Cormack

    CTO @Docker

  • Oct 02

    Staff+ Engineering Skills

    Come learn from practitioners putting the key concepts noted in Tanya Reilly’s "The Staff Engineer’s Path" and Will Larson’s "Staff Engineer" into a digestible format with helpful takeaways.
    Krys Flores

    Staff Engineer @Carta, Previously at Lob, Simple Habit, and Nordstromrack.com|HauteLook

  • Oct 03

    Designing for Resilience

    Anything your system depends on can fail, and eventually will. Build systems that continue to perform successfully in the presence of failures.
    Javier Fernandez-Ivern

    Staff Software Engineer @Netflix with over 20 years in Software Engineering

  • Oct 03

    Platform Engineering Done Well

    If done well, platform engineering can help organizations to deliver software faster, more reliably, and more securely. We'll discuss the best practices for building and maintaining a successful platform to create one that is scalable, adaptable, and secure.
    Daniel Bryant

    Java Champion, Co-author of "Mastering API Architecture", Independent Technical Consultant, and InfoQ News Manager

  • Oct 03

    Modern ML: GenAI, Trust, & Path2Prod

    Modern machine learning (ML) is a rapidly evolving field. We'll explore the latest trends in ML, focusing on three key areas: generative AI (GenAI), trust, and path to production. You'll learn how these areas are shaping the future of ML, and how they can be used to build more powerful and reliable ML systems
    Hien Luu

    Sr. Engineering Manager @DoorDash & Author of Beginning Apache Spark 3, Speaker and Conference Committee Chair

  • Oct 03

    JVM Trends: Charting the Future of Productivity & Performance

    Dive deep into the transformative potential of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) as it consistently reshapes the realm of high-performance applications. This track is set to unravel the most recent breakthroughs and best practices in JVM development. Our journey will pivot around three foundational pillars: system optimization, developer productivity, and the evolution towards cloud-native transitions.
    Monica Beckwith

    Java Champion, Author of JVM Performance Engineering, JVM Performance Expert @Microsoft, First Lego League Coach, Advocate for STEAM + kids

  • Oct 04

    Architecting for the Cloud

    Cloud is a mindset - not a destination. The elasticity and plethora of services available are double-edged swords: used well, you can really accelerate the pace of innovation for your company - but left unchecked, you can explode the cost and complexity in your ecosystem.
    Khawaja Shams

    Co-Founder & CEO @Momento, previously @NASA and @Amazon

  • Oct 04

    Deep Tech: Pushing the Boundaries of Hardware+Software

    Deep tech is used to describe technologies that are evolving at the hardware level to support, refine, or extend the capabilities of our familiar system software stacks, and have the potential to revolutionize industries or create new ones. This track will explore the latest trends in deep tech, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, IoT/Edge, security, quantum computing, and more. Speakers will discuss the challenges and opportunities of these technologies, and how they are being used to solve real-world problems.
    Allison Randal

    Board Member @sfconservancy.org, openinfra.dev, and openusage.org

  • Oct 04

    Emerging Trends in the Frontend

    It’s a fascinating time to be a frontend developer! We are seeing the rise of new frameworks that are driving a deeper integration of client and server allowing frontend developers to better leverage the advantages of both.
    Jeff Wagner

    Director of Engineering @Snowflake

  • Oct 04

    Lessons in Building Organization Resilience

    As we have all come to learn, the only constant is change. Speakers will not only cover how best to handle changes and disruptions, but how to build on them, creating opportunities for you and your teams to emerge stronger than before.
    Courtney Hemphill

    Partner & Head of Product, Engineering, and Design (PXEL) @WestMonroe

Top Sessions at QCon San Francisco 2023

Top 5 best voted

How Netflix Ensures Highly-Reliable Online Stateful Systems

Speaker image - Joseph Lynch
Joseph Lynch

Distributed Systems Engineer @Netflix Working on Online Datastores and Data Abstractions

Designing Fault-Tolerant Software with Control System Transparency

Speaker image - Jon Moore
Jon Moore

Staff Software Engineer @Stripe with over 35 years of software engineering experience across both academia and industry

NIST 800-207A: Implementing Zero Trust Architecture

Speaker image - Zack Butcher
Zack Butcher

Founding Engineer @Tetrateio & NIST co-author on security, prev core services @GoogleCloud

Lessons from Leading the Serverless First Journey at CapitalOne

Speaker image - George Mao
George Mao

Senior Distinguished Engineer @Capital One Leading All Things Serverless, Ex-AWS WW Serverless Tech Lead

How to Get Tech-Debt on the Roadmap

Speaker image - Ben Hartshorne
Ben Hartshorne

Principal Engineer @Honeycomb, Building Operable Systems with Resilience and Business Value

Top 5 most attended

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