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Learn the emerging trends. Explore the use cases. Implement the best practices.

QCon San Francisco international software development conference.
November 18-22, 2024.


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We've helped thousands of senior software engineers, software architects and tech leaders adopt the right patterns & practices for over 18 years.

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Explore the Tracks

Discover what you’ll learn

Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Be inspired by speakers sharing real-world examples of how they've scaled systems to handle massive amounts of traffic, data, and complexity. Learn from their challenges so you're prepared for your own journey to hyperbolic scale.
Speaker image - Thomas Betts

Thomas Betts

Laureate Application Architect @Blackbaud, Lead Editor for Architecture & Design @InfoQ

Nov 18

Rust [in Production]

This track explores the trade-offs involved in adopting Rust, considering its learning curve alongside the potential for infrastructure savings and a competitive edge for your engineering team.
Speaker image - Daniela Miao

Daniela Miao

Co-Founder & CTO @Momento, Systems & Observability Nerd, ex-Lightstep, ex-DynamoDB

Nov 18

AI and ML for Software Engineers: Foundational Insights

Machine Learning (ML) and AI play a key role in modern software, and powers much of what we see and interact with. Each talk in this track covers a foundational area of ML, along with real-life use cases. Attendees will learn how ML works behind-the-scenes with software systems, as well as about tools, platforms, and algorithms that make up the discipline.
Speaker image - Susan Shu Chang

Susan Shu Chang

Principal Data Scientist @Elastic, Author of "Machine Learning Interviews"

Nov 18

Sociotechnical Resilience

This track explores how artificial intelligence is reshaping traditional leadership models, and the skills required for engineering leaders to effectively guide teams in the age of AI. It will dive into the tactical actions that teams and engineering leaders have taken to build a robust system that is adaptable and resilient.
Speaker image - Carol Barrett

Carol Barrett

Engineering Leader @Netflix, Previously @Intel & @Cisco

Nov 18

Embracing Shift-Left in Data Architecture

Decisions about how to handle data cross all areas of a software system. The Modern Data Architectures track will showcase how innovators are finding new ways to store, analyze, and scale data components.
Speaker image - Adi Polak

Adi Polak

Director, Advocacy and Developer Experience Engineering @Confluent

Nov 19

Generative AI in Production & Advancements

Unleash the power of Generative AI! This track dives into the latest advancements, exploring how to translate groundbreaking research into real-world applications across various industries. Discover how to navigate the challenges and unlock the potential of AI-generated content, data, and code.
Speaker image - Hien Luu

Hien Luu

Sr. Engineering Manager @DoorDash & Author of Beginning Apache Spark 3, Speaker and Conference Committee Chair

Nov 19

Engineering Productivity

Companies need to balance between rapid feature development and long-term product sustainability, and engineers are taking on more left-shifted, cognitive load as their features intersect with user privacy, security, accessibility, and regulations. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Engineering Productivity, especially as market, scaling, and economic demands influence prioritization. What approaches, philosophies, and techniques have companies and products at very different points in their overall lifecycle successfully applied to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of development?
Speaker image - Jennifer Bevan

Jennifer Bevan

Senior Staff Software Engineer @Google, Previously at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Nov 19

Programming Languages and Paradigms for the Next Decade

This track offers a deep dive into innovative programming languages, language features, cutting-edge programming models, and paradigm shifts that aid in making code more efficient, safe, and maintainable
Speaker image - Julie Qiu

Julie Qiu

Uber Tech Lead, Google Cloud SDK @Google

Nov 19

Architectural Evolution

Technology is evolving faster than ever - and it is time to re-evaluate the trends we may have previously taken for granted. Architects are now assessing whether to go back to monoliths, on-premise, multi-cloud, or go all in on an event driven serverless architecture. This track highlights key trends, including those where the pendulum may be swinging in the other direction. You will hear from practitioners about criteria they used to land where they did, as well as real world lessons from running these novel architectures at scale. You will walk away with some inspiration on what to try and how to assess the trends for your specific scenarios.
Speaker image - Michelle Brush

Michelle Brush

Engineering Director, SRE @Google, Previously Director of HealtheIntent Architecture @Cerner Corporation & Lead Engineer @Garmin, Author of "2 out of the 97 Things Every SRE Should Know"

Nov 20

Next Generation Inclusive UIs

As our world becomes increasingly online, making the web accessible and as inclusive of an experience for all is paramount. However, the web is no longer the main interface that people interact with. With the rise of VR, AR, voice-controlled UIs, conversation agents, natural UIs, and more, we must make all of these interfaces inclusive and leverage them to enhance the experiences for us all.
Speaker image - Erin Doyle

Erin Doyle

Staff Platform Engineer @Lob, with 20+ Years Previously as a Full Stack Engineer and Instructor @Egghead

Nov 20

The Path to Principal Engineer and Beyond

Over recent years, the IC career path has become a nearly ubiquitous option in tech, but it is still extremely challenging to understand what the path entails and how to get there. This track explores the journey to becoming a Principal Engineer and beyond, touching on the technical and leadership skills required to excel in this strategic role. It also explores how to navigate the career progression and the vast amounts of ambiguity that often arise.
Speaker image - Joy Ebertz

Joy Ebertz

Principal Engineer @Split, Blogger, and Speaker, Previously @Box

Nov 20

Hardware Architectures You Need To Know

What happens when semiconductor no longer gets faster at a predictable pace? Hardware evolution shows no sign of slowing down, and is instead introducing more profound architectural changes to meet the ever-rising needs of modern workloads. This brave new era presents both big challenges and exciting opportunities for software developers.
Speaker image - Yao Yue

Yao Yue

Platform Engineer, Distributed System Aficionado, Cache Expert, and the Founder of IOP Systems

Nov 20

The speakers and the attendees make QCon stand out from other events. It is very well organized. QCon has a good balance of new tech to look out for along with the discussions around day to day problems that we face as developers

Vipra Ramtekkar

Development Engineer @ING

What has always stood out for me has been QCon's commitment to its brand promises. First of all, it's focused on practitioner content. QCon conferences are all about the people that develop and work with future technologies. This starts from the Programming Committee, which comprises practitioners that are authorities in their domain.

Dio Synodinos

President of C4Media, makers of InfoQ and QCon

Level-up on emerging software trends

Get assurance you're adopting the right patterns and practices

  • Green Tech
  • Rust
  • WASM
  • eBPF
  • Machine Learning @ Edge
  • Scalable Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure Unification
  • Cue Lang
Early Adopters
  • MLOps
  • Team Topologies
  • Staff+ Engineer Path
  • Service Meshes
  • Microfrontends
  • Multicloud Practices
  • Software Ethics
  • Feature Engineering
  • Mode Inference/Prediction
  • Observability Practices
  • Server-Driven Frontend
  • Decarbonizing the Grid
  • Operator Pattern for Non-Clustered Resources
  • Patterns & Heuristics Enabling Fast Flow
  • Open Policy Agent
  • Java 17 (LTS)
  • Paved Road
Early Majority
  • DevSecOps
  • DevOps in Practice
  • Kubernetes Strategies
  • Observability / Telemetry
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Chaos Engineering
  • Operating Microservices
  • Data Engineering
  • GraphQL
  • Go Techniques & Patterns
  • DevEx
  • Reactive
  • Performance
  • Macroservices
  • Serverless: Orchestration & Choreography
  • Cloud Architectures
  • Patterns for Scale
  • IaC (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Polyglot Software Practices
Learn the emerging trends

Learn the emerging trends

Curated trends our Program Committee believe have the most impact in software development.

Explore the use cases

Explore the use cases

Learn how real-world practitioners are applying the tech to help you solve common problems.

Implement the best practices

Implement the best practices

Get implementable ideas to shape your projects that last beyond the conference.

The conciseness with which the event is presented, as well as the options for the tracks, allow one to either mix and match talks or focus on a single track of interest. It's an interesting and wonderful approach. The long breaks and 'unconference' opportunities are also quite unique in their ability to connect people from seemingly different backgrounds.

Jonathan Tanye

Director Of Research Development @MineX 360 Services

Learn from senior software engineers

Real-world technical talks from software leaders at early adopter companies

Domain leaders

Learn what's next from world-class leaders pushing the boundaries.

Relatable challenges

Learn how senior developers are solving the challenges you face.

Diverse perspectives

Get new ideas and perspectives across multiple domains.

Valuable lessons

Actionable insights from those working on real-world projects.

Time to connect

Intentional time built-in for you to connect with speakers and peers.

No hype

No hidden marketing. No sales pitches.

Quality content and topics from industry experts and I like how that is separated very transparently from sponsors. I appreciate how sponsors have their place, but it's very clear and not deceptive mixed in with the content. It really is a conference that is specific technology agnostic and about any and all industry wide trends and best practices.

Mike Murray

Senior Director, Software Engineering@DriveTime

Actionable ideas. New perspectives.

A learning path that works for you.

Immersive all in-person experience

Immersive experience

Free yourself from your distractions, connect with peers, and learn innovative ideas.

Problem-solve at unconference sessions

Problem-solve at
unconference sessions

Join facilitated sessions to help you generate new ideas to current challenges.

Flexible online experience

Unwind at QCon
social events

Connect with peers and reflect on your learnings at our social events.

On-demand access

Access video recordings after the conference

Get 6 months access to professionally edited session recordings after the conference.

Add training days to your pass.

Evolve your skills to future-proof your career.

Focused training

Focused training.

Level-up on in-demand skills to future-proof your career.

Hands-on learning

Hands-on learning.

Practical projects. Step-by-step walk throughs. Built in reflection time.

Upskill with domain experts

Upskill with domain experts.

Master best practices from software domain experts.

Small class sizes

Small class sizes.

Get quality time with instructors to support your learning.

Choice of training lengths

Choice of training lengths.

Half-day, one day or two day training options.

Buy with confidence

Buy with confidence.

Training tickets are refundable until September 23, 2024.

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Engineering is about solving problems.. Sometimes we solve these problems by writing code 😀 .. Thank you @randyshoup for the beautiful training and energetic presentation and collaboration between the attendees. #QConSF #SoftwareEngineer #Coding



Classic #QConSF problem: too many cool topics. Loving it

Willem Meints


2nd day of #QConSF was quite literally earth shattering. And not just because of the 5.1 magnitude earthquake nearby. Lots of ground breaking topics and discussions. What's in store for us on day 3 I wonder. 😅

Mick Zivkovic


I had an absolute blast at @QConSF, hands down the best speaker experience I’ve ever had! Major shout out to @InfoQ for being as thoughtful as they are in organizing the event. #QConSF

Frederic 🧊 Branczyk @fredbrancz


Last night in San Francisco for #QConSF … learned a lot, met a lot of amazing minds. One more day to go though (happy it’s not over just yet)!

Marjorie Freeman


Just realized that @QConSF closing keynote speaker is THE @KentBeck This conference just keeps getting better and better

Dev Agrawal

'We Care' experience

A safe place where everyone is welcome

QCon - icon

Enforced Code of Conduct

QCon - icon

All-Gender restroom

QCon - icon

Prayer room

QCon - icon

Lactation room

QCon - icon

Quiet areas

QCon - icon

Sessions feedback for constant improvement

QCon - icon

Badge optimized for peer-sharing

QCon - icon

Accessible event space

QCon - icon

Variety of food options (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, special diet meals)

QCon - icon

Detailed food labels

QCon - icon

Diversity scholarships

QCon - icon

Community events

QCon - icon

DEI guidelines for track hosts and speakers

QCon - icon

All-day coffee

QCon - icon

Access to video recordings for 6 months

QCon San Francisco venue

Hyatt Regency - San Francisco

Check QCon - Venue
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Hyatt Regency - San Francisco

The hotel is located right on the Embarcadero waterfront with stunning views all around and close to popular attractions, events, and shopping. The conference venue is at the same location as the hotel.

To learn more and/or make a reservation at the special conference rate, please visit the venue page.

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Software Architect, Technical Team Lead and Higher


Senior Developer / Lead

  • Technical Team Lead
  • Senior Management (VP, CTO, CIO, Director)
  • Architect: Technical / Application (platform specific)
  • Enterprise Architect / Chief Architect
  • Architect: Solution / Systems (Integration Focused)
  • Technical Project Manager

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